Text Alert Service

The text alert service the Council operates provides updates on what is happening in the Parish and since its inception last year has proved very popular.

Parishioners can register for the service for free. Useful information includes local road closures, dates of full Council meetings, consultation event dates and information regarding local planning applications, and other event dates that are being held in the Parish. The information is sent direct to registered mobiles and in the case of road closures and any consultation event for example an attachment is included with further detailed information.

The Parish Council implemented this service after receiving feedback from the community that not all information was getting through to residents of the Parish through traditional methods. The Parish Council thought that there needed to be a simplified and convenient way for residents to be able to receive information on what is happening in their community. Answer, have the information to hand via mobile/ smartphone. The information can then be saved and called up at anytime. Most people these days own a mobile phone and this seemed the most straightforward way of addressing the issue of keeping residents informed on what matters most where they live and work.

The service is fully compliant with the Data Protection Act. There is also an opt out option too.  To register visit; www.textalertdraytonmatters.org.uk

We look forward to keeping you informed!

Text alert picture


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