Land off Drayton High Rd (Low Farm Development)

Application number: 20170212 (updated 2.2.18)

Applicant : Norfolk Land Ltd & Norfolk Homes Ltd

Site Address: Land off Drayton High Rd  (Low Farm Development)

Erection of 71 Dwellings with Garages, Open Space, Vehicular Access and Ancillary Works.

Planning Permission has been granted for this application on 31st Jan 2018.

To view plans and documents click here

The applicants have provided some further amendments to the original plans that were submitted. These amendments take the form of :-

Revisions to positions, site levels, finished floor levels, design, height of eaves and ridge and parking of plots 29 – 32; Re-position of pedestrian refuge and existing bus stop on Drayton High Road and increase in height of boundary fences to 2.4m high

These additional amendments to this application were discussed at the parish council meeting on 4th January 2018 To read the current response of the Parish Council  to the planning authority click here.

The Parish Council strongly opposed the original application in March 2017. To read the Parish Council’s response to the planners click here.

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