Former David Rice Hospital Site

Application number: 20170196 (updated 28 March 2018)

Applicant : The Lind Trust

Site Address: Former David Rice Hospital Site Drayton High Road

Erection of 29 Dwellings & Associated Accesses (Including 10 Affordable Dwellings) (Outline) (Revised Proposal)

Amended plans have been submitted. The amendments take the form of :-

  1. Revised Housing and Road Layout.
  2. Addendum Tree Report for Proposed Road Widening and Vision Splay.

We understand that as no decision notice has been issued for this planning permission the planning authority are reconsidering this application on Wednesday 28 March 2018 as the 5 year land supply for the policy area has been secured.

Broadland District Council approved this application on 28th March 2018

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