You should arrived at this page if you are a Drayton Parish Councillor looking for the consultation documents relating to the 1st March 2018 agenda. Below all the documents have been published and are in agenda number order. Some documents are quite large so download may take a minute or two depending on your Broadband speed.


7.2 To consider a further response to the Greater Norwich Local Plan consultation.

The Greater Norwich Local Plan has a number of very large documents, some are over 330 pages long! Below are the most relevant bits  that relate to Drayton.

There are 2 issues to consider :-

  1. The development sites put forward in Drayton
  2. Growth options for the whole of the combined area of Broadland, Norwich City Council and South Norfolk.

Below are the details and maps for the sites within Drayton :

3.12 Drayton Calls for sites

We have already responded to some of these sites at our Parish Council meeting in May 2017. Click here to remind you what the Parish Council agreed.


Below is the reponse document that requires completing. The Parish Council can choose to answer all, none or as many questions as it likes. The options for growth questions are considered to be crucial and so a response to these questions would be wise.

Reg.18 Growth Options Consultation document response

The Parish Council last year signed the CPRE pledge and as a result CPRE have contatced us with their thoughts on the consultation and what the parish council might like to consider when responding.

CPRE Pledge Councils GNLP consultation 2018

For further details to learn more about GNLP please visit the website


7.3 To consider response to Horsford Neighbourhood Plan Regulation 16 Publication of Draft Submission.

Below is a copy of the Neighbourhood Plan for Horsford. We had commented on the draft consultation documnet. Click here to remind you of what the parish council agreed (minute 146 (9.4)

Horsford Neighbourhood Plan – Click Here

7.4 To consider response to the West Broadland Green Infrastructure Project Plan consultation.

20180202 WGI Plan consultees letter

WBGI Plan consultation draft

WBGI Project Plan – Consultation Response Form

9.3 NDR Development Consent Order. To consider response to the Enforcement of the Existing Weight Restrictions on Bridges Over the River Wensum consultation. 

9.3 Letter explaining NDR DCO Existing Weight Restrictions on Bridges Over the River Wensum

Below is the document giving details of the requirments to enforce the weight restriction.

9.33 Discharge of Requirement 28 – Bridge Weight Restrictions

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