Drayton Parish Council is comprised of thirteen elected councillors and three members of staff who oversee the concerns of the parish. A number of councillors undertake additional duties chairing the various committees that deal with the essential parish issues such as planning, finances and highways.

Please feel free to use the information below to contact a parish councillor. Please note that general issues should be addressed in the first instance to the Parish Clerk.

Graham Everett (Chairman) – 01603 868332

Adrian Crotch – (Vice Chairman) 07884 334236

Jeff Anderson – 01603 260029

Chris Binns – 01603 860460

Carl Brown – 01603 262159

Keith Morgan – 01603 867292

Neil Quinsey – 07468 497722

Karen Wilson – 01603 920097

5 Vacancies

Register of Members’ Interests – copies of members’ declarations are available on the Broadland District Council website click here.

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