Food Waste Collection Expansion

The food waste collection scheme is being expanded to an extra 1478 Broadland properties, and this will go into effect from 10th June 2019. These expansion plans include Drayton and below there is listed which roads will be affected by the expansion. The expansion has been primary led by the District Council’s contractor, Veolia, with the above areas being chosen to infill existing food waste rounds so as to be sustainable alongside Veolia’s current capacity. Both Broadland District Council and Veolia have aimed to get as many households as possible onto the scheme with the resources we have available at this time. The food waste collected from these additional properties will continue to be sent to Biogen to be recycled via an anaerobic digestion process, which generates green electricity, biofertilisers and composts.

Introductory leaflets will be delivered to residents on the w/c 20th May 2019 and the food waste caddies will be delivered between the end of May and beginning of June in preparation for service commencement. Instructional leaflets will also be delivered inside the caddies along with a roll of liners. Once we have received the finalised versions of both leaflets we will send them across to you all.


Longdale Drayton,Thorpe Marriott 42
Freshwater Way Taverham, Thorpe Marriott 28
Wensum Walk TaverhamThorpe Marriott 48
Century Way Taverham, Thorpe Marriott 39
Brancaster Close Taverham, Thorpe Marriott 28
Stirling Close Taverham, Thorpe Marriott 22
St Margarets Close Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 20
Winners Walk Taverham, Thorpe Marriott 37
Cricket Close Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 31
Coleman Close Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 24
The Moors Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 21
The Shires Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 23
Wheatfields Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 16
Badger Brooks Road Drayton, Thorpe Marriott 43
Pond Lane Drayton 27
School Road Drayton 85
Manor Farm Close Drayton 17
Bellomonte Cres Drayton 42
Vawdrey Road Drayton 21
Cator Road Drayton 20
Highfield Rd Drayton 32
Glebe Close Drayton 16
Fullers Loke Drayton 4
Littlewood Drayton 22

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