Permissive Rights of Way








We have been contacted by Drayton Farms concerning the permissive footpaths on their land.The fields known as Man in the Moon, Flax Field, Wrights 18 and Airport 24 are currently being prepared ahead of planting with Potatoes.Please note the following fields which have a permissive paths around the edge;

  • Man in the Moon,
  • Flax Field,
  • Wrights 18

A Nematicide will be applied to the fields prior to planting and Drayton Farms request that the public are aware and to ask them to please keep themselves and their dogs on leads and off the field and to the remain on the marked paths.

The risk will be low but this Nematicide can cause illness to dogs.

Albert Bartlett, the grower of the potato crop, will be installing additional warning signage around the perimeter and at various locations on the land.

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