Opening date set for first section of Norwich NDR!

Opening date set for first section of Norwich NDR!

After reviewing recent progress, we have this week confirmed that the Norwich Northern Distributor Road between the A1067 Fakenham Road and the A140 Cromer Road will open to traffic on  Saturday 11 November – six hundred and seventy-six days after the official start of work on 4 January last year (2016), and well ahead of the original schedule of early 2018.

This early opening is great news and a considerable achievement for all who have worked on the project – especially the Norfolk County Council and Balfour Beatty team based at the NDR HQ at Sapphire House. There’s still a fair amount to do before the road is ready for traffic, mostly around the A140 junction. Not surprisingly, the work on the A1151 Wroxham Road took priority during the nine-day closure, but the pace is being picked up again on the A140 junction, with most of the kerbs in to complete the north roundabout.

All this is leading up to a series of night-time closures of the A140 (8pm to 6am), starting on Monday 30 October. In theory, these could run right up to opening date (which is why the signs already on the A140 show two weeks) but that shouldn’t be necessary, unless the weather turns completely against us. 

Cycle Explorer Event

Ahead of the opening to traffic we are opening up the sections from Fakenham Road to Drayton Lane to cyclists on Sunday 29 October. There is already a lot of interest, and I have been taking the attached leaflet to schools and libraries in that area. The event is support by the Pushing Ahead initiative and is part of the Norfolk Walking & Cycling Festival. See below for more details.


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