Traffic Signals – Drainage Works – School Road from 23 May 2016 for 8 weeks


Scheme Title:       Drayton – School Road

Type of Work:      Drainage Scheme  Upgrade

Works Duration:  This work has been delayed due to resource issues with the Contractor. Now scheduled to start 23rd May 2016. Drainage works from or soon after 23 May 2016 for 8 weeks.

The above drainage works are currently programmed to begin from 23 May 2016 for 8 weeks. Please find attached plans PM5221-HP2-014 (Consultation Plan)   showing the limit of the proposed drainage works & temporary parking restriction for traffic.  The parking restriction is essential to safely carry out necessary maintenance works to the highway.

All the works have been agreed with Norfolk County Council’s Streetworks team which will be carried out under 2 way & 3-way traffic signals. Vehicular access to properties within the works will be maintained and emergency services and bus companies will also be made aware of the works so that arrangements can be made for their vehicles.

The phasing of both works have also been agreed with our Streetworks team to try and minimise disruption to traffic on School Road. No drainage works on School Road between Barclays Bank and the roundabout shall take place while the traffic signal works are being carried out.  Also all works shall be carried out between 9.30am and 4pm to avoid rush hour traffic.

Norfolk County Council accept that the road works may cause inconvenience, but it is hoped that you will understand the need for this work.

PM5221-HP2-014 (Consultation Plan)


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