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Drayton Parish Council would urge everyone to follow the national advice, and daily updates can be found here:


It is best that you take your advice from this page, rather than from newspapers, social media or knowledge from others. This is an evolving real-time situation, so it is important to understand the most up to date advice.

As a community, we will all be aware of neighbours, friends and family members who may be vulnerable and at risk, as well as lonely. So what can you do to help?

  1. Follow the advice. Although the measures being introduced may seem draconian, it is important to follow the national advice. If you feel ill, visit the website above and go from there.
  2. Pick up the phone. A daily check on people can not only help with ensuring safety and, if necessary, medical intervention, it can be a real boost for mental health. As this situation progresses, boredom and isolation can kick in, so it’s important to talk.
  3. Assist your neighbours. Enquire with your neighbours, offering to pick up shopping, medication etc, or just to offer help or a phone call. It is important that you manage your own personal health and safeguarding by not interacting directly with anyone who may already be ill, but this is a helpful and vital way we can all make a small difference.
  4. Make a note of your needs, it is important that anyone intervening can understand your health situation. Write down any allergies, medication requirements, underlying health conditions etc and place them somewhere visible, or share with a neighbour or family member.

We are aware that some of the most vulnerable members of our community do not have access to social media, so please spread the word where possible.

In the event that you, or anyone you know within the parish, needs some help and don’t have anyone who you can call, then please contact the Help Hub on 01508 533933 or follow this link:

Coronavirus Update | Coronavirus Update | Broadland District Council

If you are also offering to volunteer in your Parish please can you contact the Help Hub and provide them with your details.


Coronavirus Update | Coronavirus Update |

Coronovirus update

If you are self isolating and need help please phone 01508 533933 which will put you through to a Help Hub who are trying to co ordinate community volunteers to provide services such as shopping and getting medicines etc….

Or follow the link :-

Coronavirus Update | Coronavirus Update | Broadland District Council


Drayton is one of the larger parishes in the Broadland District of Norfolk, approximately five miles from Norwich. Our population numbers around 5000, and the Parish Council has thirteen Councillors to serve the needs of the community. There are also numerous businesses in the village. We are well served by a number of bus routes directly into Norwich, and are only a short distance from Norwich Airport.

The Parish Council Office is closed until further notice. You can still contact us via email : [email protected] or by ringing our normal telephone number 01603 864492 and leave a message.

The Parish Council offices are located at the rear of the Pavilion building on King George V Playing Fields, Drayton High Road, and the office is open to the public from Monday to Thursday between 10.00am and 12.30pm. The Clerk is normally available outside of these times, however please call to make an appointment.

Drayton Parish Council administers two playing fields (King George the Fifth and Longdale) and the Florence Carter Memorial Park on School Road. We also liaise with both Broadland District Council and Norfolk County Council on matters such as Planning, Highways, and we have a good working relationship with Norfolk Police (we are a member of the Safer Neighbourhood Panel with other local parishes).  Our Norfolk County Council representative is Tony Adams and we have two District Councillors, Roger Foulger (Drayton South) and Adrian Crotch (Drayton North).

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